Slave to Fate

by Earth Down

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released October 23, 2015

Recorded/Mixed with Ryan "Rings" Ellery at The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA



all rights reserved


Earth Down California

Metallic hardcore from Solano County.


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Track Name: Leave it Behind
Years ago, I found peace in my mind
But now distorted thoughts creep, keep me awake every night
I never thought that it would come to this, but every time I find bliss the darkness crawls within
Am I living a lie to what I felt deep inside or will I ever find this fucking silver lining?
I'm alone in my mind and I won't say it with pride, I fucking hate the way I live my life
Nothing ever seems to go right, no hope and no sunlight
Just darkened clouds in my mind

You will never feel the pain that I've felt
The life of lies and this bullshit hand I'm dealt
I make enough just to get by, I feel myself falling behind
Always searching just to make ends meet
I know I fucked up bad, I know I'm in too deep
This life is pain I've learned
But I will get what I've earned

Sucked dry of everything that I've got
To have stability is all I fucking want
I feel stuck, I feel trapped, so attached to the past
The only thoughts I have are being able to stand

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
I'll fight this fucking world and leave it behind
Stand up for yourself
Nothing to lose and everything to gain
From the cradle to the grave
Track Name: False Words
There is no justice, there is no peace
No more redmeption, you breed disease
Life lessons put to shame
Ignorance with no escape
Held in comtempt without a claim
Arrogance with only you to blame
There is no justice, there is no peace
No more resistance
Your mind deceased

Everything you've ever said was a fucking lie
Wake up and tell yourself that everything is fine
Turn your head when you put that gun to my face
Coward eyes
Hate inside that can't be replaced
Closed minds
Look inside with nothing, you disgrace
One day you will fucking face your fate
Rope cut thin
Nothing left to fill the fucking niche
Turn your back, forever you have fucking burned your bridge

Hateful thoughts, deceit
False words of peace
Led by the sheep
Fall to your knees and pray

There is no justice, there is no peace
No more redemption, you breed disease

There is no justice
There is no peace
No more resistance
Your mind deceased
Track Name: Rat Patrol
You live each day to make up for what you lack
Inside your heart by taking, Never giving back
Time and time again you spit in the face
Of those you call your friends
It's time you learned your place

Sucking the life out of everyone you ever meet
Leech with sunken teeth
On our blood you feed your greed
Time and time again you spit in my face
This world will cut you down and put you in your fucking place

Bitten every fucking hand that's ever fed you

Street beggar, coward traitor
You live your life on your knees
Smile faker, oath Breaker
No honor among thieves
Back stabber, betrayer
Wearing a second face
Manipulator, bottom feeder
Self righteous human waste

You're a fucking disgrace
I don't believe a word that you say
Through those lie stained crooked teeth
Because I know what lies beneath
Your chameleon skin
And in the dirt when you're slithering

How does it feel to be so fucking low?

With knives pressed against my back, I'll still fight back
Gnaw my bones like a fucking rat
You'll die in a trap

Suffering, slithering, squirming
Begging me to end your misery
Nothing but a dead rat in the street

Dead to yourself
Dead to me.
Track Name: Slave to Fate
The look of fear in your eyes lets me know that you're afraid of life
You fucking coward, you fucking snake
Six feet under's where you'll fucking lay
You turned your back on me, you're all you've got
Stuck in your head, there alone with your thoughts
Nowhere to run, no place to call home
You turned the gun on you, alone you will roam

Blood will shed and shake the earth
Fragile minds decay, rebirth
Hope no more, a cause unfed
Blissful thoughts are fucking dead

You dug your grave, there alone you'll lay
No life to lead, in the abyss you'll fade
Cut down with nothing left to display
Open heart, but a mind decayed

Friend to death
Slave to fate
Save your breath
Fucking waste of space

Cut down with nothing left to display
Open heart, but a mind decayed
Only thoughts to move on, no words to say

What's mine is mine and what's yours I'll take